The universe and solar system’s love

You are the moon and I am the sun
and sometimes…..
I am the sun and you are the moon
under this canvass of dark beauty and bright mystery

Is it fate vs destiny?
Is it nature vs nurture?

That I am tidally locked in loving you,
and your gravity keeps me
close to home so I stray not into the bitter unknown?

but surly someday I will have to be unafraid and wander into that unknown and discover its not so bitter and it’s not so sweet.

That it’s indifferent and loving.

Victor M.


believe in yourself

…Wouldn’t it be lovely
just to believe in yourself,
just in yourself and
no outer construct its
just you the body the soul
and the clearest mind
in the void

There is a place
I know of
It is a place where
The sun doesn’t

The sun doesn’t shine
In that place
Because in
That place you are
The sun
And you shine

Love on all conditions

The sun doesn’t shine just half way at once it shines all at once all the time, and so my love….

Why would you wait a whole year to show all of your love?
Why not show your love all the time?
Shouldn’t you be lovely all the
Shouldn’t you be thought of as lovely?
Do you know your love is lovely all the time It doesn’t make it more meaningful that It is poured into one day

Its meaningful
When there is
no love
Being shown
And you
Show it
In the


Victor M.

Night of Day

The absence of light is dark.

There is no more or less
truth in either.

without one another they
cannot exist.

Dark shows up in the universe because light is present
Light appears because dark is
Its presence, harmonious yet very chaotic.

They are fated to be opposites
They repel but are compelled to each other….

….but suppose they decided that they are not that different or opposite…

Wouldn’t that be “true oneness”

Victor M.