Creating A Galaxy

To be a black hole a singularity is not such a life spent lonely, when your spinning at half the speed of light it seems no one will ever be able to grasp you but It is so fast that sometimes the closest of your loved ones are drawn over to that event horizon, and time spent in that space with you is warped and slowed down for a minute or for seconds that will change into years they will remind you that your gravity is keeping all of this in harmony pulling in slowly the kindness that you radiate out In forms of smiles laughter and loving gestures the supernovae that create the arms of a galaxy



I’ve arrived.

Looking at my writing from a year ago reads like this a ↑←big bang →↓ to the world that was happening in my life. since then I’ve come to believe the persons that started me on this endless writing spree are all insanely caring and loving

“Sure ill try it out” I said and all my thoughts and my emotions began flying out onto a digital piece of paper and sometimes a real sheet of paper too much happening yet I was happening in real time all at once things were on fire ideals were unstable life couldn’t live in the barren waste land of this heart something needs to change so then I let time pass though me

through love things came to be and everything started to find its place and become a little clearer

…Sometimes a comet will fly by like a memory from the distant past

a reminder to remember that the seed of love is still growing and will always expand into eventual equilibrium.

Victor M.

Lion in a cage

Is it so terrible
To be a lion
Caged in a zoo
You no longer
Need to hunt
Your simply
Given your food
Your a specimen
To the system
That has adopted
You to rule and view
Your once iconic
Mane of freedom
Is now faded in
Tatters to the
Boredom of
This synthetic
You’ve lived in
I find it unfortunate

But fear not
You still have
Your claws!
And you still
Have the mightiest
Teeth! with
A fearsome roar
To leave them shaken
In their feet!

Looking into your
Eyes that are still proud
I’m sure of it now how
You were born
Wild and free

Victor M.


Is it so much about blooming?
Is it so much about becoming?
Maybe its simply accepting being….

does a rose bloom in the right season is it ever presented to the wrong person?

Maybe it just blooms to be in the present because it is meant to be full of life, and everything lovely

Victor M.

Train to somewhere

Waiting on a train…
waiting with the happy people the sad people the quiet people the noisy people the self talking people The fearful people the curious people the bitter people the caring people the interesting people the tired people the wakeful people the working people the old people the young people the talkative people the kind people the poor people the broken people and many more beautiful people
Waiting on a train
to somewhere….

Victor M.