I’ve arrived.

Looking at my writing from a year ago reads like this a ↑←big bang →↓ to the world that was happening in my life. since then I’ve come to believe the persons that started me on this endless writing spree are all insanely caring and loving

“Sure ill try it out” I said and all my thoughts and my emotions began flying out onto a digital piece of paper and sometimes a real sheet of paper too much happening yet I was happening in real time all at once things were on fire ideals were unstable life couldn’t live in the barren waste land of this heart something needs to change so then I let time pass though me

through love things came to be and everything started to find its place and become a little clearer

…Sometimes a comet will fly by like a memory from the distant past

a reminder to remember that the seed of love is still growing and will always expand into eventual equilibrium.

Victor M.


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