Abyss Walker

I would have prefer if you had given
me another curse other than
these accursed eyes that resemble
the emptiness within the abyss
do I fill them with a beauty that
denies the ugliness of reality

what is it that I should do with
them I could create I could
destroy I could walk away
from this do no harm
and deliver no good

I’ve been looking into the abyss
the darkness, but this
time my presence here
conjures terror
into its existence

dark_souls__artorias_the_abysswalker_by_herrkamissar-d74e148 (1)


Through The Seasons With The Wind

In spring you appear in excitement!
but are breezy and gentle you touch
everything the grass the trees and the flowers
so tenderly that they sway and bounce with joy
and then off you go to spread and surround
everything in a evergreen love

When summer arrives sometimes you are
nowhere to be felt or seen yet you are
happening everywhere else, I wait for your
adventurous return, because I know you will,
and when you do your presence is kind and cool
for sometime, but then you and the sun’s heat
along with the clouds start to dance madly in whirlwinds
across the skies and the ground, you tickle the sky
till it turns jade and sometimes you tickle it far to much
and it becomes obsidian throwing lighting and rolling in
a thunder of fun and laughter

but when it becomes Autumn and everything become
nostalgic of the times before the trees weep
of a time when things were lovely and alive
and in a harmonious *WoOosh* you brush
their sorrow away you carry their leaves and
dance for them while playing a rustled melody
that sends them to their dreams

In winter I can tell you are lonely
so bitter and cold to the touch
you try to capture the trees and the
grass you try to awaken them but the only
sound you hear is your own under
the gray skies you wonder where is the fun;
until it snows then you cause all
kinds of fun building snow mountains, and
with the rain forming ice on the
branches of trees covering
everything in crystal
I must say it looks beautiful
the way you play
through the seasons


Affinity Of The Moon

You’ve been teaching me since
I was young, you waxed,
reflected in a crescent,
fully showing
the most elegant
of emotion,
waned grew old
then one day you vanished.
from my midnight skies,
you left me starry-eyed.

but even if you died every
night, the light you reflected
to me was still alive, giving me
fortitude to raise the tides
and overcome the odds.

for you and for me, I’ll be
the Moon rise whether it is
cloudy or dark at night.
For other moons I’ll rise
to show your light is


The flower that opened up

The more time spent with flowers in nature

in the sunshine. the less human one thinks

the less complex things become.

the less you will have to say or worry about

 much yet sometimes

you let your thorns do the talking,

but your aroma remains kind and sweet & welcomes anyone

to sit and talk to you for a spell.

 you enjoy the sunshine in

all the seasons and such

the more you flourish in love & compassion

the more you start to open up and understand

that you never needed to reach for the sun

the sun’s passion was already in your hands


Decommission the Delorian

I went back in time

I tried to change the situation

I tried to rearrange the person; I was,

against the current against the grain

the movie in my mind always plays

out the same and its insane its a growing pain because

I don’t know what happens from the point

I left off at in this film that I’ve been rewinding

and fast forwarding only to be taken back to

the here and now

lately my index finger has been feeling an itch

to press the play button and to know the rest of

the story even the ending….

….I’m pressing the play button.