schrodinger’s cat & breaking the fourth wall

I found my morning trying to liberate a pink rose bush from a contraption of sorts for a friend, its thorns got caught in my skin
While I was explaining how much awareness my poem “pink rose bush” brought into my life

They are everywhere. And I hate that poem.

Then I went to work to do what I do quiet well not the best….. yet* at remembering your name what you look like and how I like it when you smile when you see me.

My writings were changing form
They were changing me

Reading and listening to music being out in nature helped me a lot also opening up about my feels and thoughts that I tend to keep to my self …..its unhealthy to trap all of that inside hate this phrase “we live in a world were being human is not ok for some reason”
Actually lets change that to we live in a “country” because not all of the world is like this place.

(roommates cat just walked in hold on)…………..pets*………pets* pets* even more! ❤

….But what really helped was coming out of my comfort zone to meet you
Another human being who feels and thinks
Just like me removed from all the labels we put on each other; the negative ones

Now I know I’m not alone
And I’m not misunderstood

Someone’s always walked with me
On this lonely beach

The waves were crashing…..and flowing

Now its time to write
About the human condition.


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