“The Game Of Exchanging Hearts”

It would take probably our
Life time to understand why
I keep my heart so lock up
And tight when we all think
It can be understood in an

Sometimes I go searching
For it sometimes it comes to
Me sometimes I want it and
Sometimes I don’t most of
The time it always leave because it’s
Just a memory or a false dream
Or its not sure of me and I’m not sure of it

Sometimes its overflowing from me
Then sometimes its non-existent
There are times when its silence
Is worse than its thorn stuck in my

Its a dangerous dance
And exchange of words
That could build
But then crush everything to

It can be faulty in design
As sensitive as an exposed

Falling in love would be trying the
Dare for the hundredth time
It would mean handing my heart
Over the heart I pieced together
With my own hands …..so someone
Can drop it and I have to start this whole process over again

I’ve been thinking lately that maybe
I am meant to spend my time in this
solitary isolation of loving *check* (chess reference)


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