Calculations About Love: My Lovely 1 & Only

0+1= 1
2-1= 1
1/1= 1
1×1= 1
2+(-1)= 1
.9999= 1
If love and another love met what would the sum be?
the correct answer is “One Love”
sin(π/6)*[√4] + (3!)^2 – (46,656)^(1/3)= 1
sin^2 + cos^2= 1
cosx(1/cosx)= 1
^2(x)+cos^2(x)= 1
a / ( x – b) = b / (x – a)= 1
If one love left in search of love at the volocity of love
and another love on the other side of the Globe left on
a crash collision course with the other love at the same
velocity of love were would the two eventually crash?
the correct answer is “They would cash into each other
in love”

now if all of
my calculations
are correct
then this
poem will
to you that
“one” love

math freak love equation


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