The Poet & Violinist That Could String Together The Universe

The sound that

Will be played

From the strings

Of your heart will

Be the equinox

That aligns the

Planets in this

Solar system

….you wonder why

The universe brought

You here you could have

Been a bird, a jellyfish,

A butterfly, even a rose

But your very human

Very loving with your words

And sound

Its your time to find your violin

And tune the true universe…..

The universe that everyone

Dreams of ……

Universe: tell me what do you dream & wish upon a star for?


Leo Cluster & Abel 2744 In Coma

320million light years away in a place you can find me As a Leo heavy in dark matter I bend light here and sometimes

When my gravity is dense enough

It lenses and you can see beyond

Into the unknown or maybe I curve everything around me into a ring

Dwarf galaxied and elliptical by nature

Home of the of a 9.7 billion solar massed ❤ singularity