I have many friends
They are rowdy
They are kind
They are loving
They are rebellious
They are made of dreams
And everything in reality
They are smart, funny &
Being by them makes me
Go crazy that they are
My friends I think about them
Often sometimes
They come into my
Dreams and I remember their wisdom
I like their company, they talk
To me when I feel very alone
Because they feel alone without
Me laughing with them talking
About how ridiculous life is
And how actual it is
I like to tell my friends
I love them because
I love to see
them happy


3 thoughts on “hey

  1. this is lovely poem about friends… yes.. I have many great friends too. But we have to know which friends are the sincere ones and which are the hypocrite ones. I have been betrayed and back stabbed by friends I trusted very much. Also when in times of trouble, you will know which are your true friends, and these types of friends you should cherish them.

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