I felt like I was in an endless slumber, with many
lucid happenings, traveling to places that I have never been before and meeting faces that were familiar, traveling through dimensions
that I was certain in mind that exist

we had many different conversations
conversations, that were not had outside the dream world, it was strange it was like meeting in our soul form I left my body where it lay to meet you in your dream and you in mine we watched the horizon become covered in clouds, the wind, and the
rain, we couldn’t hide ourselves from the rain we just couldn’t hide ourselves from the rain then the sunshine came…

and we were sitting in a meadow I remember feeling the grass and breathing the air, looking into your eyes, blue skies and smile then I opened my eyes even wider
opening them to find myself in my bed wondering if any of it was real
….I dream to see those endless fields, and so I fall again into dream….



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