She wears a black Dress
woven by The stars of the
Universe she’s Faces the sun
What does she Look like I wonder….
Then she begins to answer
My question in a slow turn
My gaze widen as she begins
To reveal her beautiful skin
In a crescent but she only
Stays for a few hours and goes
Somewhere else in the sky
I return the next night she
Begins to illuminate the sky
My love if I could only
Be by your side but you run
Away every time, and I return
The next night and there you
Are opening your eye into
Gazing into mine your love
Drawing my soul from its
Chamber you took a piece of
Me tonight….you can have the
Rest of me tonight if you desire
In your complete and full self
As long as I have you in a part of my sky…
You can have me every night…

My Luna.


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