“In A Place Of Non Existence”

well its been an interesting year, just writing poems “charting the stars” meeting with my therapist getting my heart broken, and writing a lot of poems about it then finding love again all in “alphas and omegas”

so I’ve “begun” to cut out habits that have been keeping me in vicious cycles; that’s right I’m “ending” vicious cycles because of love ❤… I recently deactivated my facebook in a series of non existential poems then I made it quite clear the poems don’t exist and that I would no longer exist in these vicious cycles because I needed peace in my life, harmony, just Zen balance. I’ll continue to write on here from now on because writing is good for the soul mind and body its therapy within itself it makes me happy to write especially for you this next poem you are about to read doesn’t even exist and I don’t have more of these that I haven’t written that exist 😉

“The non-existentialist”

He never writes
And never

Yet you’ve
Read the poem
That he wrote

In a place he
Never existed

☺ take care, love you all.


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