Dropping Bombs On Love

I’m not actually heartbroken, I just woke up and decided to write about my heartbreaks, I had to remember how I felt how everything just felt gray and numb.
Being caught up in day dreams of someone that never dreams of you someone that doesn’t quite feel the same way but I’d like to
Assume cares for you just not all lovey dovey, snugglies and kisses kind of care
I actually had a terrific experience once were I absolutely went nuts after my heart was broken…, but it was meant to shatter so I could figure out what it was actually made of within maybe I’ll tell ya about it someday….or maybe I have already told you

Speaking of love what’s with this love humanity has of just blowing up things hurting and neglecting one another I’ve been keeping in tune with it but I’m not picking sides everyone is wrong šŸ‘Ž
quit being bored and don’t blowing up things, go do
Something kind instead it wont be easy but it is
There you will manifest peace


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