The Introspective Journey


I’ve been
On this journey
For this person
I’ve been told he’s
A lover
And a dreamer
I have caught glimpses
Of him in my mirror
Sometimes his shadow
Matches mine or
He’s a reflection in your
Eyes a whisper from
The wind he’s difficult
To find and vanishes
Into dust when
approached I want
To know who this
Person is and what
He looks like to
You how he makes
You feel is he real or is he illusion

Because he’s the
One that can solve
This riddle of mine
And finish
this puzzle,
But everytime
I get close
To solving
who he is another
Door opens
another layer peels
Away revealing
another facet
Of his personality
a dimension
To explore
and be lost in…

I’ve been
On this
Of finding


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