The Real Me

I really honestly don’t believe people take enough time out of their fleeting lives to look within themselves for peace, love,
And happiness or even to just study about themselves what makes us tick and why we have certain thoughts and feelings towards anything in any situation or even what we dream about everything is just external it seems like

I’ve often wondered why should we fear our darkness and focus so much time on the light which ironically can make a person dangerously and I mean negatively self righteous without knowing it yes there should be good In the world but too much good can be bad you’ve got to find balance. I used to know a person who ventured Into the dark to find light he rewired the way he thought about things cut out some cookie cutter ideas that didn’t really suit the tender compassion for life that he hid in dark treasure chest of his heart

I was that person and still am I used to look back and wish I had a better life but now I look back and am glad that I got pissed off at everybody and decided to rebel against just about everything and everyone I guess I just wanted to see the world with my own eyes, feel with my own emotions rather than have someone instill same old, Same old in my mind, to be awake, free, empty but open alive and full of color


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