“A little about myself, my thoughts & a poem”



I’m the kind of man that if a lady of interest asks me about love, then I show her love, simple.

I don’t believe most of the ladies out here have experienced that before so they don’t know how to react when its shown

on top of that a lot of men are completely reckless and clueless about what love is, I constantly see broken hearts

All of this irritates and baffles me quite a bit; love is more than an object and it is not a game


“Falling In Love”


You can feel


for someone

But to become


embodiment of

Love is completely


It means allowing

It to pass through

One another


The physical



Where all

You know

Is each others

Soul as one

( šŸ˜‚ and I think to myself this is why I probably will never find love….waaay to metaphysical šŸ˜’ )




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