If Your Human Then Prove It

Once upon a time a man once told me I shouldn’t get dreded up that I should stay clean cut socially acceptable in other words blend in (don’t look like an African American because you’ll look dirty is what it sounded like). I asked why several time but never received an clear explanation just a firm repeat of not to and I thought to myself (I really don’t believe the people who really like me would judge me on my appearance) but this one man did and I open that Pandoras box I did, I stormed out the door as we exchanged ill words towards one another, that is when I began setting that bridge on fire. What your looking at is not only hair or an extension of my soul or personality but my entire rebellion and it didn’t begin with a rose, love it began were these African roots grew.


Now that you know, deprogram yourself stop judging people get to know people,

Did I ever tell you I walked into a Bosnian bar once all alone the only black guy in there I broke a few necks sat down and played chess it was quite an experience. I dare you humanity.



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