“Amassment Of All That Matters”

As I was


For my truth


In the vastness

Of space, realization

Had imploded in

Me and outwards

with a certain grace,

It became clear

To me, sometimes we

Are not who

We think we

Are meant to

Be, not everyone

Is to live only

As a shining star

Some of us quietly

Become a place

In the center

Of everything


With an accretion

Disk of star dust,

love, support

And positivity


Together the fabric

Of the all that

We cherish

In this cosmic

Order. Even in

My hollow and

Naked form there

light can still be found

In my darkness


“Roses & Forget-Me-Nots ✿ Of Pleiades”

Before I’d

depart for you love

I’d Take all the

knots you have

in your heart

Tie them into a

Constellation of Roses,

Violets,  A

flower bed of


so my love you

Will never feel lost

In winter simply

Take a Gander from

The northern


You’ll find my

Love for you

Is there and

even after a million

years it will never


Black Remnant ✨

like a

Sun all the

Outer layers

Of my soul

Rapidly expand 

Barely grasping

love, Then I

Compress all

The melancholy


into a lovely 

Room of infinty

Full of memories 

They say the

Heart’s pain

is beauty in the

Core of spiral


It can all be

Seen &

felt from

my event


As I continue to

Rotate at the speeds

of light I


An Invisible passion  

That Unfolds into

Different expressions

Of loves





I watched as the

Remaining elements

Of what seemed like broken loves

Shard and fragments,

Coalesce into a tight knot

In my chest, a nebulous


self-sustained and

still emanating affection,

Radiant are the embers

Bright enough that given off

emissions where casting a

shadow of my soul

And ever

Expanding heart

My love is energy,

it doesn’t fade

it changes form

“The Scent Of StarDust”

I found

Myself to be surrounded

sitting in the illumination

Of a star lit garden,

A garden of stars on

The precipice to

Becoming even more

Than what they are,

veiling my skin in white opalescent

light; a fuzzy kind of warmth

from their stellar winds,

That usher in the scent

Of stardust, I simply

Watch the stars

Pulsate underneath,

Their layers in unison

To a heartbeat,

then… slowly

And beautifully

glitter into

Something as 

Profound and simple as a

Flower covered in specks

of rain water