So lately a lot has gone on in my life as it always does, not to mention when I first started this blog all the hair on my face was black.

So I’ve been dealing with stress and a little bit of depression that manifest in my dreams, its not the first time I have noticed it but its definitely a lot more intense and real.

My dreams lately have gotten to the point to where I become trapped in the knowing I’m in a dream trying to wake up sometimes I’d pinch myself in my dreams but even that would feel just like the real thing even food would taste like it should taste to me, they are all so vivid and wonderful; I usually felt generally really happy though in them until I noticed it was an illusion and forced myself back into reality still stuck with the same sorrow and curious if this was yet another illusion.

I know why this is happening though I’ve studied myself quite a bit through dreaming, this has a lot to deal with escaping reality which I don’t plan to do, and for a lot of my feelings and thoughts I do this type of writing of letting it be known let it go rather than hidding it, rather than take prescription medication turn my pain into constructive art; its own thearapy.

Any way just putting this out there I’am getting better and able to wake up a lot more natural and not worry I’m trapped in a dream…..or am I? 🙂 just kidding in my dreams I actually don’t write I talk instead which I’m the quiet type of person until I’m approached or I feel like opening up, you’re welcome to comment,  like, or just contemplate as I do.

I’ll keep on writing 😉



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