Instrument Of Gaia


Inter-dimensional being,

he’s not really

From this place

This time this universe

Or from beyond trans-

Neptunian space

Did you know

Sometimes he  

Shape shifts

he could be that

Cat relaxing on

The steps or

That plant you

Don’t notice

As you walked by

He could so easily

Be that golden spider

Weaving its Cosmic

Web, and at times he

Becomes an instrument

Through which Gaia

Can express herself

Sharing the DNA of

All living beings


The Eye of Truth, The Eye Of God

If you can see this

then you have figured it out 

the eye of truth can see 

into the shadows

the eye of God,

into the darkness

you have the eyes

now, as do I

you’ve see through this

illusion, imagine

what else you can see through

stay awake

don’t lose what the truth is

when you look at

another person, a human

just like you.

Words As Dream, Will Come & Go

They have always wondered

Why he never memorizes

The things he writes

Though he has a very sharp

Memory of most things

He has memorize many

play-writes and songs in his

life and still

can if he wishes so

, although there are things he

Wishes not to remember

Not everything needs

To be remember

And so…he writes to let

Go, he writes those

heavy emotions

Down, coming into mind  

And they become like these

Words, sighs of a peace of mind

Blue skies & vanishing

Clear winds.

….That is why….