The Beginning

In the very beginning it is said there was nothing then atoms and particles began to collide…friction, heat….

And the sparks began to fly
Exploding stars
Primordial black holes
You & I beyond time


The Big Bang

Well hello, long time no see. I have been through quite the adventure these are all the things I had discovered hanging in the balance of everything I finally learned how to collapse the universe and begin it again in randomized order, there well be more to come

this is only the beginning 😉

Make It So!

Take a leap of faith
Trust your intuition
Dive into the ocean
Find yourself amongst
The very stars themselves
Think of them as they too
Think of you drift through
The cosmic background
Find your’s truly living
In another dimension of
Time and space a grand
Pinwheel design where
Supernovae shine like
Fireworks in the darkness
You are it’s very reflection
Like the pillers of creation
Near the virgo cluster it is
All around you it is written
Into your DNA you are all
Of God’s creation intelligent
In design, don’t make a mockery
Of it, instead why don’t you
Create something benign
Write a poem, go on adventures,
make new friends, study the arts
Hidden within every culture
And your eyes will be as wide
As mine seeing listening and
Understanding is believing
Opening up into a flower a
Giver of life a pearl of the
World a water Lily, a lotus

Inner Child Writing

Pop rocks and nerds I am made of pez heads but don’t do gummy worms because they actually psychologically trigger my nightmares gummy bears are in the clear my favorite are the green colored ones I also love dove chocolate milk chocolate at that and my coffee French cream mixed and tan in colour and my tea green or jasmine or English black with cream and sugar 2 cubes and we are off to mighty horse races in chariots I am a gladiator like russle crow even captain jack sparrow RELEASE THE KRAKEN! Persus is my horse with wings! I also have wings On my feet and a trident in hand for I rule all of the sea such like the distant planet Neptune! Are you not entertained?!


About 4 months ago I picked up on this weird energy people tend to be unaware that, they are carelessly casting around a bit it literally is a harmful negative energy, so in my six senses I changed the form of my energy to put a bubble shield around me not the first time I’ve done this, this is a form of solitude, I am also both an extrovert and —->introvert<—-(more so on that side) sometimes I really just don’t want to go outside in the world and deal with humanity and it issues, sometimes I do, been hurt too many times I’ve also hurt myself, stop hurting each other. Yes I can read your energy even through face book it’s written into your very words I can also hear and feel it, I’m not called a sage for no reason now.

People, Change Like Seasons.

The people in your life will change like colors in the seasons, a friend can become an acquaintance vise versa, or ties can be severed bridges burned or bridges can be built anew it’s all in the choices we make, though there are very few who remain authentic in their nature and know nothing has to be as complicated as mentioned above, remember so.