The alchemeists’ heart

is amorphous and

quiescent thing you can see

the sun & the crescent moon

in their eyes… sometimes

you might see the universe 

blossom and Metamorphosis right before you

if you dare try to see the beginning 

and end of it all….

they take on many forms

a cat or a dog maybe a tree or

a human being possibly sometimes

a rose they have the curse of the cosmos

and the gift of nature, they could take

you into a dream or they can show you how

cashmere reality is….





Star Dust

I’m the Comet that
Will always come back
To see you

Always come back
To see you…..

My Shining Star Thawing my cold heart ❤ to make it warm

My love I’ll leave a trail
of my start
dust so if you
get lost on
the way to
the sun

you’ll always
have a starlight
path to walk on

find me
and I’ll take you
on a loop
the stars800px-Iss030e015472_Edit