People, Change Like Seasons.

The people in your life will change like colors in the seasons, a friend can become an acquaintance vise versa, or ties can be severed bridges burned or bridges can be built anew it’s all in the choices we make, though there are very few who remain authentic in their nature and know nothing has to be as complicated as mentioned above, remember so.

“Life Lessons In Dreams Form”

As I awoke into the dream realm
I found I was playing with my toys
As a young boy in the
Living room/kitchen, listening
In a dream to my mother
Giving lessons to Wisdom
My little brother on
How to properly
Live life righteously
As we grow older in
This world…
The lessons were all
In zambian proverbs…
It is only now I truly
Understand them
And live by them
With passion

The world

sorry been a while, I’ve been busy keeping track of whats going on in the world in its current condition.

I have had to do a lot of research on global weather, history, social justice, nationalism which exist in every, culture but of course! I have also been working on getting into to an activism group to help out the less fortunate, its slightly distracted me from my writing but I am trying to get back all the while keep tabs on what every nation is doing not out of paranoia but more for awareness purposes there is a difference between those two words in definition btw and I think paranoia of each other is what got us here

Without getting into detail I was on the bus the other day on the way to work at the pharmacy and I over heard some gentlemen speaking about genocide it troubles me quite a bit to think that human beings as a whole have a long way to go, even with topics like “race relations” which if we are ever going to talk about it first our vocabulary has to change from “race relations” to something that doesn’t compartmentalize and divide people by the illusion superiority to other human beings because at the end of the day, we are all granted the same fate of death.

that being said, I guess the good thing about these times is its when writer, poets, musicians, painters and all other artist thrive in capturing the human condition, the thing we so often overlook and misinterpret in one another, well love be well play nice, things will be okay I believe.



Biologic, astrophysic,
philosophic, existentialist
cataclysmic word smith
verbal alchemist when it is written
Just a matter of celestial nebulous gas
condensed into protostar phase
photon rays that astral plane
from light-years away into Prophase
developed though Telophase,
divide, into a heart & form a brain,
feel the universe flow through the veins,
Mitosis to Meiosis, electrified neural pathways
develop a conscience,
Nucleosynthesis out of the darkness,
lotus flower from the murky contemplations,
open into the human condition,
aware of the fragility & beauty of this
finite existence bring your frequency
on a planets back spinning axis
drifting relatively quickly through the
vast and cosmic fabric of
the intergalactic

Instrument Of Gaia


Inter-dimensional being,

he’s not really

From this place

This time this universe

Or from beyond trans-

Neptunian space

Did you know

Sometimes he  

Shape shifts

he could be that

Cat relaxing on

The steps or

That plant you

Don’t notice

As you walked by

He could so easily

Be that golden spider

Weaving its Cosmic

Web, and at times he

Becomes an instrument

Through which Gaia

Can express herself

Sharing the DNA of

All living beings