Vermilion Winter

it was no gift 

but one the universe 

had woven into place 

and he had stumbled upon it

just like he does into his

dreams he looked at its

exuberant color

fabric and touched its

rebellious fabric that

was worn by previous primordials 

like himself…

and then he wore it around

his neck… in that moment

he became his true self 

all that was magic in his life

became reality in

one finite moment 





The alchemeists’ heart

is amorphous and

quiescent thing you can see

the sun & the crescent moon

in their eyes… sometimes

you might see the universe 

blossom and Metamorphosis right before you

if you dare try to see the beginning 

and end of it all….

they take on many forms

a cat or a dog maybe a tree or

a human being possibly sometimes

a rose they have the curse of the cosmos

and the gift of nature, they could take

you into a dream or they can show you how

cashmere reality is….




Space Time Garden (follow the colors)


The porcelain walls became

obsidian as dark

as a singularity 

where nothing 


on the walls

of nothingness 

he started to paint 

the colors of everything 

and slowly the flowers

he had planted became

buds as he remembered everything

soon the bees came humming birds too

a Paradise of his own and island

in his own mind a dream a

butterfly effect in the spiral flowers 

of the cosmos all those lives he

came across were the very flowers

growing in his garden of Time & Space



Like. A. Red. Scarf.

You caught me out
Of my element one
Day in a store that
Was busy and full of
People; Webster groves.
I can’t remember the
Exact words or conversation
But one thing I do remember
Is happiness. 🙂 then a warm
Hug…and a farewell I think you
Knew I was going to battle
With hell and so I did

Just so you know I am
Wearing my red scarf as I am
Aligning the universe

Just. Like. A. Dream. In. Winter

Through time
A red snowflake
Appeared nothing
Like the world had
Ever seen it ascended
The depths of hell
And decended from
Heaven to fall into
Pink roses…

“It’s already written, and rewritten.
Every breath, touching glass as frost,
Becomes a refraction, a reflection…
It writes itself, and rewrites itself.

Yours. Mine.
It is of the Universe itself,
Penned by Gaia HerSelf” ~ Eileen 

…and then

the arms of the universe

 presented themselves


Hey Long Time No See…

sorry I’ve been away for a bit on this bizarre adventure in life, I believe I met the love of my life, destiny tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to take a leap of faith… to love again, so I did just that and my wings finally opened like a butterfly

ah speaking of which I live in a different area of south city now I finally got away from all the gun violence and drama of south city St. louis I’ve got some pretty cool roommate one of them and I have a very interesting relationship

lake is his name : my body guard.

this is something I wrote in the past presented to you in the moment…

“My body guard and I have this interesting relationship where we curse each other out and laugh about it just a moment ago he said he wanted to fight me I told him I would meet him outside then I said ” bring it on you son of a bitch I’m ready, we are outside” we didn’t cross fists instead we laughed 😊 

🙂 believe it or not I’m about to thumb wrestle my body guard he is much older than me 😊 we are even going to play rock paper scissors 😊 lets see who wins

Guess who won?

He did.

But guess who really won?

By reminding him of being a child….laughter followed after he was reminded like lighting like thunder” ~ Thabo


he is a super cool guy once you get to know him and get on his mental wave length he is even giving me one of his cars, I am so happy to be surrounded by such positive people positive influence, I have more words for you I wrote them all in time and have been meaning to get on here to show you them… I started radiating kindness once again this time it will be permanent