The alchemeists’ heart

is amorphous and

quiescent thing you can see

the sun & the crescent moon

in their eyes… sometimes

you might see the universe 

blossom and Metamorphosis right before you

if you dare try to see the beginning 

and end of it all….

they take on many forms

a cat or a dog maybe a tree or

a human being possibly sometimes

a rose they have the curse of the cosmos

and the gift of nature, they could take

you into a dream or they can show you how

cashmere reality is….





“The Evanescent One”



He is an


Being who

Is said to have

The ancient

Engraving of

Old world chemistry

On his very flesh

Also known as alchemy

He is omnipotent

Appearing in the multiple

facets of existence

Capable of summoning

The universe at will

And stopping the

Flow of time itself

He is known to rearrange

The chemical and

Atomic structures of

Anything within

His vicinity

Though kind and


Loving at heart

He is not one to

Be toyed with…


There are stories

In which he is know

To destroy the

Cosmos and rearrange

Everything into

“A Light Within The Darkness: Forgotten Alchemy, Remembered”

“A Light Within The Darkness: Forgotten Alchemy, Remembered”

Uniting the Opposites
Without knowing it
You were staring into
The darkness
Of Your unconscious
Traveling the dreams
Of your subconscious
Searching for a light
That lights up the whole of
Becoming conscious
A light that is trapped
In the materialized world
Ever present
Duel and not duel
The awareness of the self
Daring to
Looking deeper into the abyss
The void
The emptiness
For a light that never
Burns out

You became
The black sun
In the sky
As luminous
As Darkness
A waking dream
Extending and expressing
Itself everywhere
In all realms visible
The inner
And the
In the quantum
Of all