The Big Bang

Well hello, long time no see. I have been through quite the adventure these are all the things I had discovered hanging in the balance of everything I finally learned how to collapse the universe and begin it again in randomized order, there well be more to come

this is only the beginning 😉






To a caterpillar

you are born with

What you already

Need of course

Wanting more


So you

To venture into the

World around,


Gaining wisdom

And growing.


You will go through

Many phases of

Awakening, your

Soul will “molt”

Many times

Until you reach

The heights…


Where you will

Fall into a sleep

And dream state of

Being not aware of

The world and the

Changes taking place

Within you


Then you’ll finally

Awaken, reality in wings


that your suffering was

to bring you

to the here

and now