“The Evanescent One”



He is an


Being who

Is said to have

The ancient

Engraving of

Old world chemistry

On his very flesh

Also known as alchemy

He is omnipotent

Appearing in the multiple

facets of existence

Capable of summoning

The universe at will

And stopping the

Flow of time itself

He is known to rearrange

The chemical and

Atomic structures of

Anything within

His vicinity

Though kind and


Loving at heart

He is not one to

Be toyed with…


There are stories

In which he is know

To destroy the

Cosmos and rearrange

Everything into


Black Remnant ✨

like a

Sun all the

Outer layers

Of my soul

Rapidly expand 

Barely grasping

love, Then I

Compress all

The melancholy


into a lovely 

Room of infinty

Full of memories 

They say the

Heart’s pain

is beauty in the

Core of spiral


It can all be

Seen &

felt from

my event


As I continue to

Rotate at the speeds

of light I


An Invisible passion  

That Unfolds into

Different expressions

Of loves