About 4 months ago I picked up on this weird energy people tend to be unaware that, they are carelessly casting around a bit it literally is a harmful negative energy, so in my six senses I changed the form of my energy to put a bubble shield around me not the first time I’ve done this, this is a form of solitude, I am also both an extrovert and —->introvert<—-(more so on that side) sometimes I really just don’t want to go outside in the world and deal with humanity and it issues, sometimes I do, been hurt too many times I’ve also hurt myself, stop hurting each other. Yes I can read your energy even through face book it’s written into your very words I can also hear and feel it, I’m not called a sage for no reason now.


Overdrive On Empathy = Empty



I had to step away for a bit and by away I mean….


From everything going on in humanity


Turned off my empathy because I felt empty


Its hard to operate when you’re feeling everything


Well my energy is back inside me, let’s see what I can do

With it.