Inner Child Writing

Pop rocks and nerds I am made of pez heads but don’t do gummy worms because they actually psychologically trigger my nightmares gummy bears are in the clear my favorite are the green colored ones I also love dove chocolate milk chocolate at that and my coffee French cream mixed and tan in colour and my tea green or jasmine or English black with cream and sugar 2 cubes and we are off to mighty horse races in chariots I am a gladiator like russle crow even captain jack sparrow RELEASE THE KRAKEN! Persus is my horse with wings! I also have wings On my feet and a trident in hand for I rule all of the sea such like the distant planet Neptune! Are you not entertained?!


Evermore My Love

Word smith
To alchemist
Love just step into
My ship and I’ll
Take you on
A dreamy trip
Where on winds
We’ll just drift
Across the seas
Diving through
The interstellar spaces
Of stardust & galaxies just us
Two finites sitting on
A beach of infinity
A sunset into
A horizon of

Mysterious Happening

A lot of strange things have been happening in my life I like to think its a coincidence… but maybe the universe is telling me something. I spent last night at one of my favorite bars I started to write poetry but the words could not be written, so I started to draw “star charts” I drew a solar system then I stated to draw galaxies and black holes.

since I couldn’t write my own words I drew a circle out of a beer coaster, of course while enjoying a brew. who ever I met I asked them to put a word in the circle (black hole) the first word that comes to mind or maybe one of their favorite words I let my note book travel the room, and I went to go shoot pool alone, but then in the middle of my solitude my friends showed up and asked if I would like a challenge. I smiled and said “ok, lets dance!” from playing pool we went to shooting darts throwing arrows of time gliding at light speeds through the air hitting a cosmic backround a target…then it began to storm outside so everyone was stuck for a while inside. when the storm passed my original plan was to head home but I went to that spot where I met “the lady who was flaring her hair” like a sun in its nuclear fusion. I sat down on a stone bench outside that bar for a good hour as one with the night *ahem* πŸ™‚ Β by now I was pretty tanked, and my black hole was full of words a lot of them were misspelled, but hey who cares life isn’t perfect but its beautiful when you really look into that singularity

I laid down to see the clouds of an electric storm dissipate into a sky full of stars And my thoughts went a little like this…..(The solar system the stars….the galaxies and the universe are all endlessly suspended in a majestic quantum entangled waltz to the sound of strings) and then coming from out of the bar a lady with dark hair approached a bench next to me and laid down to look at what I was looking at, funny thing is she asked me what I was looking at, I giggled a bit and said “I’m just looking at the stars” then she asked if I was from a different planet, I lied and said “nope I sure am not from another planet I’am from this one though” πŸ™‚ then I got up and told her “I’ll catch her on the flipside” and I walked off into the dark to now-here. πŸ˜‰