Hey Long Time No See…

sorry I’ve been away for a bit on this bizarre adventure in life, I believe I met the love of my life, destiny tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to take a leap of faith… to love again, so I did just that and my wings finally opened like a butterfly

ah speaking of which I live in a different area of south city now I finally got away from all the gun violence and drama of south city St. louis I’ve got some pretty cool roommate one of them and I have a very interesting relationship

lake is his name : my body guard.

this is something I wrote in the past presented to you in the moment…

“My body guard and I have this interesting relationship where we curse each other out and laugh about it just a moment ago he said he wanted to fight me I told him I would meet him outside then I said ” bring it on you son of a bitch I’m ready, we are outside” we didn’t cross fists instead we laughed 😊 

🙂 believe it or not I’m about to thumb wrestle my body guard he is much older than me 😊 we are even going to play rock paper scissors 😊 lets see who wins

Guess who won?

He did.

But guess who really won?

By reminding him of being a child….laughter followed after he was reminded like lighting like thunder” ~ Thabo


he is a super cool guy once you get to know him and get on his mental wave length he is even giving me one of his cars, I am so happy to be surrounded by such positive people positive influence, I have more words for you I wrote them all in time and have been meaning to get on here to show you them… I started radiating kindness once again this time it will be permanent


People, Change Like Seasons.

The people in your life will change like colors in the seasons, a friend can become an acquaintance vise versa, or ties can be severed bridges burned or bridges can be built anew it’s all in the choices we make, though there are very few who remain authentic in their nature and know nothing has to be as complicated as mentioned above, remember so.

“Life Lessons In Dreams Form”

As I awoke into the dream realm
I found I was playing with my toys
As a young boy in the
Living room/kitchen, listening
In a dream to my mother
Giving lessons to Wisdom
My little brother on
How to properly
Live life righteously
As we grow older in
This world…
The lessons were all
In zambian proverbs…
It is only now I truly
Understand them
And live by them
With passion

Words As Dream, Will Come & Go

They have always wondered

Why he never memorizes

The things he writes

Though he has a very sharp

Memory of most things

He has memorize many

play-writes and songs in his

life and still

can if he wishes so

, although there are things he

Wishes not to remember

Not everything needs

To be remember

And so…he writes to let

Go, he writes those

heavy emotions

Down, coming into mind  

And they become like these

Words, sighs of a peace of mind

Blue skies & vanishing

Clear winds.

….That is why….

The Astral Plane



Its not A place With time But a place Were all Places and Things and beings are Intertwined Some say it Is an infinite room Within the Rooms of The infinite rooms of the endless universe were Dreams of The living And the dead Materialize for a spell in a life time And evaporate Waking up In another Sector of Its multidimensional Realms in the astral plane you could be a cloud and its companion wind or a sea and its flock of gulls a forest and its bird song a sun or a moon adrift into everything, there you are everything in one