About 4 months ago I picked up on this weird energy people tend to be unaware that, they are carelessly casting around a bit it literally is a harmful negative energy, so in my six senses I changed the form of my energy to put a bubble shield around me not the first time I’ve done this, this is a form of solitude, I am also both an extrovert and —->introvert<—-(more so on that side) sometimes I really just don’t want to go outside in the world and deal with humanity and it issues, sometimes I do, been hurt too many times I’ve also hurt myself, stop hurting each other. Yes I can read your energy even through face book it’s written into your very words I can also hear and feel it, I’m not called a sage for no reason now.


“Reading The Souls Of Each Other’

Open your heart flawed;
I am with judgment
but its not negative

your soul is what I
want to read
your very being

and you can read mine
too here in your heart;

Someplace In The Universe Putting Happiness Together

Whenever I write this chapter something horrible happens, something horrible happened two nights ago, I was able to look at all the aspects of the situation and understand why it happened and not explode into negativity about it, you are free to arguably say I haven’t changed some habits yet…

yet a sunrise is taking place before my eyes its painting the heart and covering the mind in distant white skies

Covering the landscape in the sweetest sent of the after rains

Holding the sky the sun does, to behold you….The beauty in the Beauty…in everything that it’s deemed beautiful in its eyes.