I worry,
These things
And beings
Are not true fears
Of mine but
They are obstacles
In forethought;
My fear and only
Fear is settling
For less than
What I truly
Am only living
As such until

Is true
Defeat to me

I’d rather fall not
As a man
But as a colossus





The alchemeists’ heart

is amorphous and

quiescent thing you can see

the sun & the crescent moon

in their eyes… sometimes

you might see the universe 

blossom and Metamorphosis right before you

if you dare try to see the beginning 

and end of it all….

they take on many forms

a cat or a dog maybe a tree or

a human being possibly sometimes

a rose they have the curse of the cosmos

and the gift of nature, they could take

you into a dream or they can show you how

cashmere reality is….






Biologic, astrophysic,
philosophic, existentialist
cataclysmic word smith
verbal alchemist when it is written
Just a matter of celestial nebulous gas
condensed into protostar phase
photon rays that astral plane
from light-years away into Prophase
developed though Telophase,
divide, into a heart & form a brain,
feel the universe flow through the veins,
Mitosis to Meiosis, electrified neural pathways
develop a conscience,
Nucleosynthesis out of the darkness,
lotus flower from the murky contemplations,
open into the human condition,
aware of the fragility & beauty of this
finite existence bring your frequency
on a planets back spinning axis
drifting relatively quickly through the
vast and cosmic fabric of
the intergalactic

“Amassment Of All That Matters”

As I was


For my truth


In the vastness

Of space, realization

Had imploded in

Me and outwards

with a certain grace,

It became clear

To me, sometimes we

Are not who

We think we

Are meant to

Be, not everyone

Is to live only

As a shining star

Some of us quietly

Become a place

In the center

Of everything


With an accretion

Disk of star dust,

love, support

And positivity


Together the fabric

Of the all that

We cherish

In this cosmic

Order. Even in

My hollow and

Naked form there

light can still be found

In my darkness

Black Remnant ✨

like a

Sun all the

Outer layers

Of my soul

Rapidly expand 

Barely grasping

love, Then I

Compress all

The melancholy


into a lovely 

Room of infinty

Full of memories 

They say the

Heart’s pain

is beauty in the

Core of spiral


It can all be

Seen &

felt from

my event


As I continue to

Rotate at the speeds

of light I


An Invisible passion  

That Unfolds into

Different expressions

Of loves