“Priceless Precious Royalty”

To him…
She is
More than
And platinum
To him she
Is a universe
To his own…
What “matters” most
Is her
And in this
Time he offers
Up to her

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“The Book Of Everything & Something”

a book of thought
a book of emotion
a book of existence
a book of love
a book of happiness
a book of peace
a book of acceptance
a book of rebellion
a book of evolution
a book of humanity
a book of the universe & its multiple dimensions
& time

A book of “you”

a book that allows you
to open the pages of
the abyss, to fly run
or kindly walk through
it to reach that light
to step into


The Word Smith Who Was Also A Poetic Alchemist

Smiths can take
Cold words and
Breath the fire
Of life into them
Molding them
By pouring them
Out of the crucible
Of their hearts
Engraving them
And Bending
them into
A metaphorical
Of the world

Alchemist take
Words from
Reality and
Make them into
Beautiful dreams, they can
Make words feel close
But they take you
Off to a place so distant,
So that when you read
You transcend the
Material state of
Being, soaring through
Everything that ever
Was and will be

Smell the roses

…And I can take you
On a journey
Away from

“Twenty Five Thousand Light-Years Away, Entering The Galactic ❤ : Crossing The Event Horizon”

Lets go to
That place
Of mystery
To meet the
Holder of
Love & misery

Will we find
The truth that
We seek

Will we finally
Meet that singularity
That shows us
A distorted reflection
Of ourselves
Will it crush
Us to know
That we

“Lady of the lilies”

You were there,
Innocent, in this world
That is devilish….always

Your the queen of a silent revolution, you sit in heaven raising the depths to
the heights in the presence of a demon

When I am around you
Words fleet me like the wind
And when you speak you
Extinguish the flames in a rain of clarity
Unbeknownst to humanity

….You are the sun in the abyss…


The Lady Who Had The Spirit Of A Lone Wolf

She sings to the moon in the night

with an appetite for freedom and

adventure she prefers not to run

in the pack living powerfully on her

own guided by her intuition

she is true and authentic

to herself and with those whom she

crosses paths with she is

wild and dangerous she

was never born to be contained

she runs with the wind

growls like the thunder

and strikes like the lighting