The Truth

There were not roses

And there were no stars

There was everything

And it absolutely meant


The mind tries to find

Reason and meaning

In things happening and

So in a sense we create

Those illusions to feel safe

In…those roses and stars are

Long since dead… I’ve seen dead moments in photos that were once alive

I’ve been watching living stars that died Long ago…


what an interesting dimension we live in….


Vermilion Winter

it was no gift 

but one the universe 

had woven into place 

and he had stumbled upon it

just like he does into his

dreams he looked at its

exuberant color

fabric and touched its

rebellious fabric that

was worn by previous primordials 

like himself…

and then he wore it around

his neck… in that moment

he became his true self 

all that was magic in his life

became reality in

one finite moment 


“The Evanescent One”



He is an


Being who

Is said to have

The ancient

Engraving of

Old world chemistry

On his very flesh

Also known as alchemy

He is omnipotent

Appearing in the multiple

facets of existence

Capable of summoning

The universe at will

And stopping the

Flow of time itself

He is known to rearrange

The chemical and

Atomic structures of

Anything within

His vicinity

Though kind and


Loving at heart

He is not one to

Be toyed with…


There are stories

In which he is know

To destroy the

Cosmos and rearrange

Everything into

Instrument Of Gaia


Inter-dimensional being,

he’s not really

From this place

This time this universe

Or from beyond trans-

Neptunian space

Did you know

Sometimes he  

Shape shifts

he could be that

Cat relaxing on

The steps or

That plant you

Don’t notice

As you walked by

He could so easily

Be that golden spider

Weaving its Cosmic

Web, and at times he

Becomes an instrument

Through which Gaia

Can express herself

Sharing the DNA of

All living beings

“Time Erases Everything”



He had

Walked into

A place where

They had their

First date

He had forgotten

Things with

Time change

Just like the

Gray in his hair

The air was cold

And the walls

Were bare and

Yet remained

The same table

And chair they

Sat at memories

Like bubbles

Filled the air

With moments

And then

vanished in

time, feeling

There was no

Time to waste

And nothing

More there

Holding it in

His hands

He left it all

There and

Made way to

Finish the

Rest of


In another



(And then…

the hands of

time started up

& began

Ticking away once




left it

All behind…)