Hey Long Time No See…

sorry I’ve been away for a bit on this bizarre adventure in life, I believe I met the love of my life, destiny tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to take a leap of faith… to love again, so I did just that and my wings finally opened like a butterfly

ah speaking of which I live in a different area of south city now I finally got away from all the gun violence and drama of south city St. louis I’ve got some pretty cool roommate one of them and I have a very interesting relationship

lake is his name : my body guard.

this is something I wrote in the past presented to you in the moment…

“My body guard and I have this interesting relationship where we curse each other out and laugh about it just a moment ago he said he wanted to fight me I told him I would meet him outside then I said ” bring it on you son of a bitch I’m ready, we are outside” we didn’t cross fists instead we laughed ๐Ÿ˜Šย 

๐Ÿ™‚ believe it or not I’m about to thumb wrestle my body guard he is much older than me ๐Ÿ˜Š we are even going to play rock paper scissors ๐Ÿ˜Š lets see who wins

Guess who won?

He did.

But guess who really won?

By reminding him of being a child….laughter followed after he was reminded like lighting like thunder” ~ Thabo


he is a super cool guy once you get to know him and get on his mental wave length he is even giving me one of his cars, I am so happy to be surrounded by such positive people positive influence, I have more words for you I wrote them all in time and have been meaning to get on here to show you them… I started radiating kindness once again this time it will be permanent


The Big Bang

Well hello, long time no see. I have been through quite the adventure these are all the things I had discovered hanging in the balance of everything I finally learned how to collapse the universe and begin it again in randomized order, there well be more to come

this is only the beginning ๐Ÿ˜‰

The world

sorry been a while, I’ve been busy keeping track of whats going on in the world in its current condition.

I have had to do a lot of research on global weather, history, social justice, nationalism which exist in every, culture but of course! I have also been working on getting into to an activism group to help out the less fortunate, its slightly distracted me from my writing but I am trying to get back all the while keep tabs on what every nation is doing not out of paranoia but more for awareness purposes there is a difference between those two words in definition btw and I think paranoia of each other is what got us here

Without getting into detail I was on the bus the other day on the way to work at the pharmacy and I over heard some gentlemen speaking about genocide it troubles me quite a bit to think that human beings as a whole have a long way to go, even with topics like “race relations” which if we are ever going to talk about it first our vocabulary has to change from “race relations” to something that doesn’t compartmentalize and divide people by the illusion superiority to other human beings because at the end of the day, we are all granted the same fate of death.

that being said, I guess the good thing about these times is its when writer, poets, musicians, painters and all other artist thrive in capturing the human condition, the thing we so often overlook and misinterpret in one another, well love be well play nice, things will be okay I believe.

Instrument Of Gaia


Inter-dimensional being,

he’s not really

From this place

This time this universe

Or from beyond trans-

Neptunian space

Did you know

Sometimes he ย 

Shape shifts

he could be that

Cat relaxing on

The steps or

That plant you

Donโ€™t notice

As you walked by

He could so easily

Be that golden spider

Weaving its Cosmic

Web, and at times he

Becomes an instrument

Through which Gaia

Can express herself

Sharing the DNA of

All living beings

Words As Dream, Will Come & Go

They have always wondered

Why he never memorizes

The things he writes

Though he has a very sharp

Memory of most things

He has memorize many

play-writes and songs in his

life and still

can if he wishes so

, although there are things he

Wishes not to remember

Not everything needs

To be remember

And soโ€ฆhe writes to let

Go, he writes those

heavy emotions

Down, coming into mind ย 

And they become like these

Words, sighs of a peace of mind

Blue skies & vanishing

Clear winds.

….That is why….